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Season 3 Uprising

Corporate Esports for your Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition and New Business within the world of Gaming and Esports

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Gaming & Esports

Why Gaming?

Simply, it is fun. In addition, the global gaming and esports industry is expected to grow into a $150 billion business by 2021, while esports tournaments filled stadiums and were watched by more than 100 million people online. Despite these dynamic times, esports gained more attention and surpassed all other live sports events due to its digital character.


The corporate esports cup PwC Gaming Masters "Uprising" will be available to a total of 10 carefully selected companies which are considered as pioneers in their industry. All companies will form teams consisting of employees and students. Various esports titles will be hosted in a competitive tournament, culminating in a closing event. At the same time, PwC will be offering specific master classes to the participating companies on the subject of digitalisation, esports and other formats, enabling companies to present themselves to students as future-oriented and attractive employers. In addition, the student teams compete against each other and develop exciting solutions to current business cases in collaboration with the companies.


The Corporate esports cup offers companies the opportunity to support both - employer branding and talent acquisition - in an innovative and experience-oriented way. Its aim is to bring the topic of gaming and esports into the corporate world and to create long-term benefits for companies as well as the talents of tomorrow. We want to inspire you how to enter this exciting market and therefore develop new business.

You will experience more than just "fun"



Your existing employees have the chance to experience a unique way of representing your company. It is all about fun and a good time. It is the perfect networking platform in a playful way



The event will offer talents the opportunity to join forces with your employees in order to win the esports competition. This is a unique, personal and experience oriented exchange


Master Classes

Digitalisation, gaming, esports and gamification master classes with deep dives for your professionals and management with PwC experts


Corporate Presentation

Together with you we will plan and perform dedicated online sessions where experts from your company show how great your company is an why it is worth joining your team

Business Case Challenge

Business Case Challenge

A business case challenge will start right from the beginning. Beside the esports competitions talents will work on special business cases which are tailored to your needs. We will help and support during the whole process – from conception to execution

Onsite Experience

Onsite Experience

We will transform the PwC Tower into an esports festival event with dedicated social areas to exchange with talents and experts

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